Sharing in Mary’s Joyful Anticipation

During the season of Advent we are prayerfully anticipating the coming of our Savior, Jesus.  Every year, especially since becoming a mother, I set aside a specific time to think about Mary the mother of Jesus, and her personal anticipation during the last four weeks of her pregnancy.  What was she thinking?–Feeling?– Anticipating? Did she hold within her spirit a combination of great hope in the child which she was carrying, as well as a sadness that He was to be sacrificed in order for all men to live?  Did she really know or even understand the reason her baby boy was ultimately born?

For any of you who have gone through 40 weeks of pregnancy, there’s something special about that last month.  Yes, there’s physical restlessness and discomfort.  But they say we mothers-to-be “glow” because of the new life inside of us–especially towards the end.  Can you imagine how beautifully radiant Mary must have been, knowing that the child growing inside of her was Jesus?

As expectant mothers, our last few weeks of pregnancy are a time we stay joyfully focused on the anticipation of finally holding and loving our sweet babies.  Today I’m thinking about the heart of the young mother-to-be, Mary, who said “yes” when God called on her. With each candle we light on our Advent wreath, we are sharing in Mary’s personal anticipation of joy in the birth of our Lord, Jesus!

O come, o come Emmanuel!

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