The Best Message for Kids from Acts: Book of Acts Video Series

book of acts video series bannerFor the final episode in our Book of Acts video series, we asked Phil Vischer to share his favorite lesson from making the new Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible? DVD. Volume 11: Spreading the Good News! covers the stories from the book of Acts about the creation of the early church and the spreading of the gospel across the Roman world.

Vischer pointed to the story of Paul.

Paul is “a guy that you are ready to write off,” Vischer said. Paul was a Jewish scholar and leader who hated and persecuted the followers of Jesus in the early church. But, as Vischer notes, “God has something completely different in mind.”

Paul converts after Jesus stops him on the road to Damascus. Paul gets a visit from the risen Lord! He is awed by Christ’s presence, and is blinded for 3 days. A follower of Jesus in Damascus restores his sight, and Paul never looks back – he becomes a champion of the Gospel across the Roman world. He wrote much of the New Testament.

Vischer said, “[God’s] not going to take him out, he’s going to turn him around – 180 degrees – and make him the most powerful force in the early church.”

Vischer said that what drew him most to the story of Paul is its implications for kids – and people – who may have heard that they are “bad kids” or are kids who get in trouble a lot. But “like Paul, God can turn you into an amazingly powerful force for good.”

Learn more in Volume 11: Spreading the Good News! {The Book of Acts}

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