The Final DVD – God’s Kingdom Comes! Now Available

Complete the Bible with the final DVD, “God’s Kingdom Comes!” from Buck Denver Asks…¬†What’s In The Bible?

DVD 13 takes your family on a journey from Hebrews through Revelation to finish out the whole Bible!

The General Epistles

In the first episode, your family will discover what the General Epistles (Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, 1-3 John, and Jude) teach us about following Jesus. The writers of these books set out to encourage the early Christians to keep having faith in Jesus and the promises of God, despite the persecution they faced. They urge us to believe what is true about Jesus, live what is true about Jesus, and love everyone we meet like Jesus did. With faith and trust in God, we are then mindful of the words we speak and how they affect our lives and the lives of other people. Even though we may face adversity, we trust God’s promise that suffering will be wiped out when His Kingdom explodes in full bloom!


Does Revelation have anything tricky about it? In episode 2, Phil lets us know that Revelation isn’t the EASIEST book to explain, which is why lots of people are tempted to skip it! But we know that Revelation tells us how our story ends. Revelation reveals what will happen in the future – when God will set everything right. The visions that God gave to John let us know that there are going to be some tough times for the followers of Jesus in the future – but we also know that the Messiah will defeat all the evil in the world. Revelation is both a warning AND an encouragement. It warns us that there’s an enemy who is always trying to hurt us and things are going to get worse before they get better. But, we know that the final battle has already been won! Even though we may suffer, our future is safe with God and we have nothing to be afraid of. We will join God in His Kingdom – the garden city where there is no death, no tears, and no sickness.

Gods Kingdom Comes

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