The Meaning and History of Christmas

Amid all the commercialism of Christmas, it’s so important to understand the history and meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Candlelight

What is the true story of Jesus’ birth?

It’s confusing that we celebrate Christmas every year on December 25th when we don’t know when Jesus was actually born. Learn more below!

Was Jesus really born on December 25? Why do we celebrate on that day? What are the clues in Scripture that help us determine when Jesus was born? How did the early church decide to celebrate on December 25? Find out now!

We’re all familiar with nativity scenes in which wisemen, shepherds, angels, and animals accompany Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. In Luke and Matthew, we read about the birth of Jesus. Who all was there, who came to see the baby Jesus? Dive deeper into the accounts of Jesus’ birth and learn who the wisemen were.

Where did Christmas get its name? What does “mas” mean? Read all about the history of the word “Christmas,” dating all the way back to 1038!

Emmanuel means “God with us” and is found 3 times in the Bible. We take a look at those three instances and what they mean to us – that Jesus is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies.

Why do we celebrate the way we celebrate?

Christmas has grown into a huge celebration – but what do all the traditions mean?

The modern tradition of Christmas trees can be traced back to St. Boniface in Germany in the 8th century. The tradition changed and grew over centuries, learn all about it in this post.

Christmas songs developed in the 4th century, although they were usually solemn. More joyful carols became popular during the 15th and 16th centuries. Read all about early and medieval Christmas songs.

Why do some people celebrate 12 days of Christmas, what is Epiphany, where did the carol originate, and what is the deeper meaning behind the lyrics? Find out now.

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