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David is one of the Bible’s most powerful characters … flawed, incredibly human, yet called a man after God’s own heart. His psalms are masterpieces, capturing human guilt, longing, joy, hope and faith. I find it easy to see myself in David. But when we teach our kids about David, where is our focus? Most kids know all about David and Goliath. But do they know about Bathsheba, the killing of Uriah, the years David spent running from Saul, the death of his favored son? Do they know that in spite of David’s sin, God made him a big promise – the Davidic Covenant?

Understanding David as an adult is a tricky endeavor. But for kids? It can be tricky—but also deeply rewarding. Here are some of our favorite What’s in the Bible? resources to help your kids understand the whole story of David.

Blogs about David:

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Videos and Activity Books about David

dvd-5-260What’s in the Bible? Volume 5 Israel Gets a King! (1&2 Samuel) – – Available on DVD or Digitally (Buy/Rent on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play,  Microsoft)

After years of fighting in the Promised Land, the people of Israel ask God again and again for a king to help them in battle. God answers, giving them three kings in a row – Saul, David, and Solomon. In Israel Gets a King! [1 & 2 Samuel], Saul is chosen first first. He is big and strong, but he doesn’t always listen to God, so it’s time to pick a new king – a boy named David, who defeats the Philistine giant Goliath. Even though David messes up sometimes – like when he makes someone else’s wife his own – God loves David and makes him a special promise, the Davidic Covenant.

Old Testament Heroes Devotional and Activity Pack – Digital DownloadOld Testament Heroes

Learn the whole Old Testament through the stories of its most famous characters! The Old Testament Heroes family devotional and activity pack features 25 days of devotionals and 10 new activities. Read the stories of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Ruth, David and more! Activities include a Moses Word Search, Ruth Fill-in-the-Story, Jonah Maze and Daniel Secret Code Game.

What’s in the Bible? Video Clips about David

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