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My Jesus Journal Summer Banner Week-4

In this 8-part series, blogger Heather Conrad and her family will be walking through My Jesus Journal, an activity guide created to help children develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how they can come to know Him.

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We’re back again, discussing the fabulous family resource titled, My Jesus Journal. The producers of What’s In The Bible? bring to us a creative, easy-to-use compilation of activities that help to foster a time of reflection and discussion about the story of Jesus and how we are all invited to be a part of the Kingdom.

Name of JesusThe section of the journal that we will be looking at today is entitled, “Who is Jesus?” This part provides opportunities to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus and how he established the kingdom of God on earth. John 3:16 is a verse that is provided for the kiddos (and parents) to color. In an attempt to hide God’s word in our heart through memory, we chose to post these colorful words on our refrigerator for one week. Then, we chose breakfast time to recite it together and we took a moment to share our individual understanding of the passage. Our next challenge is to create a ditty/song to press the words even deeper into memory.

Jesus TimelineThe next activity provided is a Jesus Timeline. The artists in your family really have an opportunity to shine here! Six events in the life of Jesus are provided with a sentence and a verse reference. Boxes are then provided to allow space for a visual representation to be inserted. We enjoyed taking a moment to read the passage out loud, and then individually drawing our perspective of the event, happily sharing our finished rendition in a show-and-tell fashion. From a mother who has trouble with a stick figure, my girls were able to shine brightly and kindly praise my feeble attempts. Great lessons about gifts and talents can be inserted here as well.

Another activity provided takes a look at names of Jesus. Seven boxes with verses are provided, each containing a name of Jesus in enlarged bubble-letter format. Children are instructed to color in the name of Jesus on each verse card so that it jumps off the page visually. Then, a page is provided for the kids to write their favorite name and to draw a picture representing why they chose that special name. As a Mom, I thoroughly enjoyed this special opportunity to take a peek at the special places of their hearts where Jesus has imprinted a special, personal meaning to each one of them. He continues to write His story in their lives, and we all grow from the experience.

verseOnce again, as a Mother, I need some help, I need some direction, and sometimes I just need a guide. I want my children to grow to know the Lord, not only in knowledge, but in their personal relationship. I want to provide something meaningful during time set aside for Jesus. I want to “train up my children in the way they should go”, but I’m not always sure how to start. This resource has assisted me in putting my wants into action. Some very smart people, seeking a way to use their talents for His purpose, have simply obeyed and given parents a guide to meaningful family time. Don’t miss out. Grab this fabulous resource today!

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I’m just a Mom who feels privileged to have an opportunity to serve and to pour into the lives of my amazing husband Aaron, and our three precious blessings. Our son Austin is loves basketball and has such a tender and big-brother-protective heart. Our daughter Emma has a spirit as big as her heart, hard to contain all that creativity inside. Brynn is our youngest. Don’t let her little frame fool you, she is a spunky gal, keeps us all laughing. If there is a spare moment in the day, you’ll either catch me with a book, or hitting the streets on a jog with Jesus.

My Jesus Journal is now available at here!

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