The What’s in the Bible? Curriculum is coming in November!

Not every Sunday School Lady (or Gentleman!) has a magic flannelgraph … and those that don’t will soon be able to have the next-best-thing to teach children about the Bible!

Sunday School Lady, Buck Denver, Clive & Ian, and the whole What’s in the Bible? crew will be available to come to a Sunday School near you starting November 15, 2010.


DVD 1 will release November 15, and DVDs 2-4 will be ready in January 2011. Each DVD features 4 weeks of lessons and will be available physically or digitally.


Here are some highlights:

– Videos, music and more from Phil Vischer

Each lesson features videos from Phil Vischer’s new series What’s in the Bible? as well as music and interactive games. See an example at the bottom of this page.

– Bible literacy

Bible literacy-focused lessons aim to teach children more than just Bible stories, but how all the little stories fit together to tell one BIG story of God and what He’s done for us.

– Comprehensive and chronological

13 DVDs will walk your class through the Bible from GENESIS to REVELATION! It’s a comprehensive and chronological look at God’s Word.

– Flexible format

The flexible format means you can use What’s in the Bible? in the way that works best for YOU! Large group-small group? Just large group? Either one works! You can also download and customize the lessons to suit your class.

– Mobile access for leaders

Leaders will have access to a mobile web site to help them prepare for each week’s lesson from anywhere. They can also lead from their smart phone on Sunday mornings using the online leaders’ guides.

– Family interaction

Families can interact with the What’s in the Bible? characters, videos, and lessons online. Family activities and a weekly “Big Question” will help parents keep up with what their kids are learning at church and give families ways to learn more about the Bible together!

Here’s a sample video from the DVD 1 Curriculum:

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