The What’s in the Bible? Curriculum: Not just for Sundays

We love a curriculum that goes beyond Sunday to help equip and empower parents in the spiritual formation of their kids. Check out what we’ve designed with the What’s in the Bible? Curriculum:

It starts with the Go Home Card. The customizable and flexible Go Home Cards are handed out at the end of class each week.

What’s included on the Go Home card?

  • Great art design that includes a section where you can add your own content
  • Lesson review discussion questions for the car ride home from church
  • A BIG question that families answer. They can visit to discover the answer together.

It looks a little something like this:


Families fill in the answer on their Go Home Card, and return to the teacher the following weekend.


We hope you enjoy this innovation and look forward to hearing your stories of families learning together!

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