Themes In Paul’s Letters: The Epistles Q&A Series

How Did Phil Vischer Decide Which Themes From Paul’s Letters To Focus On?

Fitting all 13 of Paul’s letters into one 60-minute DVD? Sounds like a challenge! VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer takes on the Pauline Epistles In the latest DVD in his Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible? series – Volume 12: Letters from Paul!

“There are about a bazillion different things you can focus on,” Vischer said of Paul’s epistles. It’s true – and narrowing the focus of his latest DVD to just a few main points required a step back to look at the major themes in Paul’s work.

Justification By Grace Through Faith

“When you really boil down what does Paul come to again and again that is central to the Gospel? It comes down to justification by grace through faith,” Vischer said.

And while justification by grace through faith may seem like a really complicated topic for a children’s Bible DVD, Vischer spends time explaining each of them in a way that will stick for kids. Learn more about how he teaches them in the post What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

Fruit Of The Spirit

Another big topic that Vischer addresses in Volume 12 is the fruit of the Spirit, which he also identifies as a major theme for Paul.

“He (Paul) comes down to the fruit of the Spirit – what should be coming out of your life if you follow Jesus,” Vischer said.

In condensing the great wisdom and encouragement for Christians that fill Paul’s letters, Vischer chose to focus on the themes that point us toward the Gospel, the message of Jesus.

“What I was really trying to boil his letters down to is how does Paul help us understand the message of Jesus,” Vischer said.

Check out Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible? Volume 12: Letters from Paul! today to learn more about the messages of Paul, and how he points us to the Gospel.

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