Top 9 Ideas for Family Fun at Christmas

Christmastime can be such a busy season, but it’s also one of the most fun! Here are our top eight ideas for “stopping to smell the roses” with your family this Christmas. From baking to serving to coloring together, there’s something for every family on our list.

1. Christmas Crafts

Even if you don’t feel like a Martha Stewart, you can still have a blast with crafts together this Christmas! We share an easy Christmas tree craft on our blog from ArtsyMommy.

2. Pray Together

We’ve rounded up some popular Christmas prayers on our blog. Take turns reading them aloud and praying together this Christmas season.

3. Look at Christmas Lights

Make some hot chocolate, load up the car, turn on your favorite Christmas CD, and drive around to look at Christmas lights! Some cities and neighborhoods have special routes you can take to maximize Christmas-light-fun. If you’re in Kentuckiana, for instance, checkout the Louisville Mega-Cavern for “Lights Under Louisville,” a drive through a cave featuring thousands of Christmas lights.

4. Celebrate Advent Together

We all know (and love!) Advent calendars featuring chocolate and toys, but Everyday Emmanuel helps your family celebrate the days leading up to Christmas in a meaningful and intentional way. Designed for busy families, Everyday Emmanuel gives you the flexibility to incorporate Advent into your routine as much as you have time for.

Mother and daughter baking Christmas cookies


5. Bake Treats to Give

Edible treats are great to give neighbors and the people you encounter each day like teachers, mail carriers, and more. Here’s a recipe for gingerbread cake, which is easy for little ones to help with!

6. Give or Serve this December

Christmas is a great time to reflect on the blessings God has given us – and to share those blessings with others. Find a need in your local community and help fill it! Choose a child from the Angel Tree, volunteer with a toy drive, or serve at a soup kitchen.

7. Color Christmas

We’ve posted our favorite scenes from Why Do We Call It Christmas? for you to color. Print them off, and color all the way through the holidays.

8. Family Movie Night

Pop some popcorn and cozy up with warm blankets for a family movie night! We’ve rounded up Lisa’s top ten favorite family Christmas movies here. See what you think about our list and let us know in the comments what YOUR favorite Christmas movie is! And don’t forget the DVD Why Do We Call It Christmas? which helps your family understand how modern Christmas traditions all point back to the birth of Jesus!

9. Read the Bible Together

With the Why Do We Call It Christmas? YouVersion reading plan, your family can experience 10 days of understanding how modern day traditions relate back to God’s Word and the birth of Jesus!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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