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Hopes and Prayers for the New Year

  Talk as a family and then record your family’s top 2016 hopes and prayers. Keep this sheet posted where you can all see it regularly!

Phil Vischer Unwraps Christmas

  In the DVD Why Do We Call it Christmas?, Buck Denver sings, “Why is Christmas what we call it? Why the impact on my wallet? Why the presents? Why the trees? What’s with Santa? Who is he?” Buck asks …

December Coloring Page James 1:17

Download this coloring page celebrating the birth of Jesus and the perfect gift we have in him! This Christmas coloring page features a nativity scene with James 1:17 – “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.”

How to Talk to Your Kids About Wisdom

My 7-year-old asks me at least once a week when she’ll be old enough to get her own phone. (She’s usually playing with mine when she asks, by the way.) This past weekend I told her she might be able …

How to Talk to Your Kids About Healing

I have a friend of 17 years who has a sister who has battled brain cancer for 10. As I write this, she’s been transferred to hospice care. She can no longer see Facebook messages encouraging her and reminding her …

Family Football Fun

Play flick football together as a family! Download this PDF then cut out and fold the What’s In The Bible?-themed footballs, then start playing. You could flick the football to the person next to you and ask them about their …