Tricky Bits of Christmas: Families Hurting at the Holidays

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How to Help Families Hurting at the Holidays

If there was ever a time of the year that we should be most joyful, it is Christmas! We celebrate the birth of our Savior and rejoice in God’s gift to the world- His Son.  But for many, Christmas is a reminder of better days. Days before an accident…before a diagnosis…before a death in a close-knit family.  The holidays can bring a myriad of emotions that conflict the joy of the season with memories from the past or present-day problems.

Sometimes we just need a little guidance to assist us as we journey through life.  Here are five practical tips to help hurting families through the holiday season.

1. Attend a church concert or play and sit together as a family. Music can soothe the soul.

2. Reach out to another hurting family by having dinner together or going Christmas caroling. Spending time with those in similar situations can bring comfort and understanding.

3. Focus on a family activity that will build a great memory. Whether you have a family game night or work a puzzle, give the good a chance to shine in the middle of tough circumstances.

4. Write a list of things you have to be thankful for in spite of the situation.  Purposefully choosing to place the good in the foreground is uplifting and encouraging.

5. Read a devotional or book together each day in addition to your Bible reading that will help you focus on God’s promises.

12 Days of Christmas for the Hurting is a devotional written to minister to people who have hurting hearts during the holidays.  Whether you’ve lost a job, suffer from disease or miss your loved ones, this e-devotional will remind you of God’s gifts to you and bring comfort through a difficult season.

Words to express the ache I feel for those experiencing sorrow during this time is challenging to deliver, but there is one place to which I can point you for restoration and hope.  The Word of God contains the words- and the power- to heal. Gifts from our True Love, our Heavenly Father, are available each and every day.   Remind yourself by reading this devotional that in spite of hurts or wrong circumstances, God loves you and His gifts are ever-giving. This will never change.

Do you have any practical tips to help hurting hearts during the holidays?  We’d love it if you would share them in the comments below!

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Cheryl Tredway
Cheryl Tredway

Christmas Eve 2008 we found out that we were going to be expecting our 3rd child. Our joy was shattered at the diagnosis of Trisomy 18 at 24 weeks. August 2009, our little girl Faith was stillborn at 38 weeks. I can honestly say that first Christmas was awful but with the Lord's strength, was able to still make it special for our two other children. Each year the pain has lessened and last year I even found myself singing Christmas carols again. For those who are suffering a loss or life changing event, I want to encourage you that it will get better, but don't let anyone rush you through the grieving process. I can also honestly say that the pain does get better as time goes on. Lastly, the only reason our family was able to experience this loss and to remain a strong family was due to my husband and I's personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He can turn mourning into laughter and I also have the assurance that one day I will be reunited with my girl in heaven.