DVD 4: The Cycle of Apostasy

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That’s right! By the end of the book of Judges, the Israelites had broken their covenant with God in every way imaginable! Some of the tribes of Israel were even killing EACH OTHER! They were making idols, and some of the Levites – God’s priests in Israel – were helping the other tribes worship the IDOLS instead of God! The cycle of apostasy went down and down and down…

CAP’N PETE (singing)

Oh – The cycle of apostasy – Brings Israel to misery!

It’s not a pretty sight to see! They go down and down again!

They do what’s right in their own eyes! And much too late they realize

And then to God apologize And come around again!

Now they’re good and now they’re bad!

First they’re happy, then they’re sad!

And now they need their heavenly dad To bail them out again!

So do not do what Israel did!

Be a bright and faithful kid!

And you’ll be happy that did!

You won’t go down again!


Well, that was just super awesome, Cap’n Pete!


Thank you very much!!

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