Introducing What’s in the Bible? VBS – A Bible Themed VBS!

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Introducing What’s in the Bible? VBS! This Bible-themed VBS will have everyone excited about God’s word. Whether your church offers traditional daytime VBS for kids – or evening family VBS for parents to join their kids – everyone will learn how the Bible transforms the way we live our lives every day.

Kids will leave the week knowing the answers to 4 big questions about the Bible:

  • What is the Bible?
  • Why do we need the Old Testament?
  • Why do we need the New Testament?
  • What is a Christian?

Adults will leave the week understanding four big concepts about the Bible –

  • Narrative
  • Genre
  • Sin and Judgment
  • Kingdom Living

and how to engage their kids in faithful conversations about them. The What’s in the Bible? VBS is the only VBS that goes through the whole Bible in a way that sticks for the whole family!

What’s in the Bible? VBS will be available April 1st! Learn more at

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Have you considered creating an educational curriculum for homeschooling? Much like Ace and Christi PACEs from the School of Tomorrow format but with these characters and video content as reinforcement.