DVD 5: King Saul

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In this video about King Saul, Sunday School Lady explains why he didn’t last as the king of Israel and God had to find another king – David – to take his place. From Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 5: Israel Gets A King [1 & 2 Samuel].

King Saul wasn’t always good at doing what God asked him to do. Sometimes Samuel would tell him what God wanted him to do, and he would do the exact opposite!

Saul was a big, strong, brave guy, but when it came to following God – he was a failure!

Saul said, “Look at all the impressive things I’ve done! The battles I’ve won! All the sheep and cattle I’ve captured from our enemies!” But Saul had forgotten
that God doesn’t want us to be impressive. He wants us to be OBEDIENT. He doesn’t want to hear excuses, he wants us to listen to his voice, and do what he says.

Since Saul hadn’t done that, the crown couldn’t stay in his family. God was going to find a new king for Israel – a man who would do whatever God asked, no matter what – A “man after God’s own heart.”

Oh, Saul, Saul, Saul!
You sure look like a king!
You’re tall, tall, tall!

With the robe and the ring!
But you’ll fall, fall, fall
Cuz you’re missin’ one thing –
You can’t serve God halfway –
To follow him you’ve got to obey!

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