Proverbs Song

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Listen to Chuck Waggin’s Proverbs Song from Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 8: Words to Make Us Wise [Psalms, Proverbs & The Writings].


Well, a proverb is a sayin’ that can help us live our lives!
By tellin’ what is foolish, and what’s considered wise!When life has you befuddled – just open up yer eyes!
‘Cuz Proverbs is the book you oughta read!Now, they may not be PROMISES, but man, these words are TRUE!
These PRINCIPLES will help you know just what to say and do!

King Solomon! Yeah, he’s the one who wrote ‘em down for you!
If what you want is wisdom, in every word and deed –

Then Proverbs is the book you oughta read –
Yeah Proverbs is the book you oughta read!

Oh yeah!

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