Smart or Wise?

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Sunday School Lady explains the difference between being smart and being wise in this video about the book of Proverbs. From Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 8: Words to Make Us Wise [Psalms, Proverbs & The Writings].

See this guy? He’s at the zoo, telling people EVERYTHING he knows about alligators. And he knows a LOT! Everyone says, “Wow, he’s SMART!” THEN he reaches through the bars to try to pet an alligator. That wasn’t very wise! He’s SMART,but not WISE. Next!

This girl knows EVERYTHING about bikes! She can name all the parts, and how they work! She’s VERY smart! But then she rides off on her bike without putting on her helmet. Not very wise!

Smart but not wise! I’m beginning to get the picture!

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