Voices: When does your family watch What’s In The Bible?

This year, we’re rounding up some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on faith and family. We asked them:

 When does your family watch What’s In The Bible?

Happy Kids Watching TV

Carrie of Managing Your Blessings

We use the What’s In The Bible? DVDs to supplement our Bible teaching in our homeschool. Since we homeschool year-round, we really enjoy taking them with us everywhere! Our family has watched them on international plane rides, countless road trips, and of course, at home. We really love how Why Do We Call It Christmas? has already become a nostalgic hit with our three children during the holiday season.

 Leah of As We Walk Along the Road

We watch the episodes together at our lunch time and talk about them.

Tamika of No Time for Tea Parties

We watch the videos and discuss what we have learned and try to apply them to the situations and circumstances in our lives. We talk about God’s rescue plan and how it is active in lives around us. As missionaries, we are aware of and exposed to people who have some serious situations. We work a lot in Ukraine and Eastern Europe so it is neat for the kids to see that the same God who rescued the children of Israel is still rescuing his kids today all around the world.

Kimberly of Living in the Sweet Spot

The What’s In The Bible? series is our go to video for car trips.

Anne Marie of Future.Flying.Saucers

We use What’s In The Bible? as part of our homeschool Bible curriculum, but during the days my husband is at work and not home. The kids always figure out a way to tell my husband all the funny jokes and story lines and THEN we find time when Dad can watch with the kids. We LOVE What’s In The Bible?!!

Danika of Thinking Kids

We love to watch What’s In The Bible? on rainy days just for fun. The kids think the movies are hilarious and they enjoy learning more about the Bible. We also use What’s In The Bible? to support our readings of God’s Word in a weekly unit study as we “travel” through Scripture. In fact, the curriculum we use to incorporate What’s in the Bible into our family Bible study is available free at my blog.

Whitney of Beauty in the Mess

We use What’s In The Bible? in our family devotion time and as family movie night some weeks.

Angi of Schneider Peeps

We enjoy watching What’s In The Bible? together and talking about the new things we’re learning from it. It sparks a lot of discussion that leads us back to the Bible which is always a great thing. This summer we’re going to try to go through all the volumes in order. We’ve watched most of them, but my kids have their favorites that we watch more than others. So it will be nice to go through them all.

How does your family use What’s In The Bible? Do you have a go-to time for WITB watching?

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