Volume 7 Review

The much anticipated release of What’s in the Bible? Volume 7: Exile and Return is finally here! If you’ve followed along with the series, you’ve been taken on an educational adventure through the Pentateuch and, with this edition, will have completed all 12 historical books of the Old Testament! What a fun ride so far!

Exile and Return! (Vol. 7) covers the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther in two 25-minute episodes.

In Ezra and Nehemiah we learn that the Israelites’ exile is finally over, but they face some major challenges back home in Judah! In these two books we learn about their journey back home, the rebuilding of the Temple and the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem. Did you know that the wall took only 52 days to rebuild? And that the builders had to remain armed and ready for battle the whole time they were building it?

In the book of Esther, a much loved and slightly more well-known Bible story, we learn about Esther’s bravery, facing even the chance of her own death at the hand of the king in order to save her people from annihilation! We learn about Purim, a Jewish holiday which is still celebrated today.

There are fabulous facts that the kids (and mom and dad) will love learning from these three books of the Old Testament! You’ll also get some great songs that perfectly summarize the messages from each book.

Parents, you will really appreciate how the Bible being true and trustworthy is presented to the kids in a way that answers some common tricky questions. Also tackled is the fact that God is true to His promises, as well as the importance of our repentance!

As we end our journey in the historical books of the Old Testament, Phil beautifully ties everything all together with four main points that lead us back onto the road of God’s rescue plan!

1. God is King
2. He Keeps His promises
3. God is always with His people
4. Because God’s standards are so high, we need a savior!

Here’s a little sample of what you’ll see in Volume 7: Exile and Return

The DVD’s main menu will enable you to watch both episodes continuously or in parts 1 & 2.  You’ll get bonus features, chapters for each episode, and the option of subtitles.  Each DVD has a fabulous study guide insert, presented by Focus on the Family that includes four questions that you can discuss with your kids after viewing the DVD.  Also, there’s a fun coloring page that the younger kids will love decorating and then displaying on the fridge!

To purchase your own copy of What’s in the Bible’s Volume 7: Exile and Return, go to our store, here.  You can also purchase What’s in the Bible? at your favorite Christian retailer!

About the Author: Lisa Strnad is a freelance writer/blogger, who regularly contributes to What’s in the Bible? and Jelly Telly.  She is a homeschooling mom of two, who works independently in Christian media in the areas of writing, promotions and marketing. She lives with her husband and children in Nashville, TN.  Follow her blog here.

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