Watch What’s In The Bible? Supporters on The American Bible Challenge June 19th

Lift Your Voice on American Bible ChallengeSurvey says…Matt and Rachel Wojnarowski, longtime What’s In The Bible? supporters, are hoping their expansive, collected knowledge of The Bible will help the couple win big on The American Bible Challenge. Matt, Rachel and their brother-in-law, David Faile, will appear on the Game Show Network series as part of Team Lift Your Voice.

The team’s episode is already taped, but we won’t know the outcome until it airs on the network later this month. Team Lift Your Voice entered the Bible trivia show to raise money for the National MPS Society, which funds research on a degenerative neurological disorder called mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) – a disorder the Wojnarowski’s are very familiar with.

Rachel shares, “At age 4, Taylor was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder, MPS. With the diagnosis came a life expectancy of 10-15 years. God is using Taylor to bring so many people closer to Him! Our team is blessed to have this opportunity to compete on American Bible Challenge to share two of our passions- the Bible and families affected by MPS.”

While Taylor’s diagnosis might only be seen as a challenge to some, the Wojnarowskis say it’s given them a chance to share Taylor’s story and show how Christ is working within their own family – work that is strengthening not only their own faith, but the faith of others as well.

Please join us in cheering on Matt and Rachel in their effort to share Christ’s word through their love for Taylor and their love of the Word of God by watching Team Lift Your Voice’s episode of The American Bible Challenge on the Game Show Network, June 19th.

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