What does it mean that Jesus is the Good News?

Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible?  Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News! [Matthew, Mark, Luke & John] releases on February 26, 2013. We asked creator Phil Vischer “What do you hope families take away from Volume 10?” Watch his answer.

“I hope families take away from this DVD a new understanding of what Jesus did and why it matters,”Vischer said about his new DVD on the Gospels. He points out that we hear the story of Jesus a lot – at Christmas, at Easter, and seemingly every Sunday in between. But when we hear the story of Jesus dying for our sins, we need to make sure we’re hearing the why.

In Volume 10 of What’s in the Bible?, Vischer aims to make an emotional connection for kids and parents.

If families can come away with a real, new understanding and an emotional connection to what Jesus did for me, then I think this will be a success,” Vischer said.

The word Gospel means “Good News,” and it’s important to understand both parts of that phrase. We so often hear the news – what Jesus did, on the Cross, and how he rose again. But why is it GOOD news? It is Good News because when Jesus died to take the punishment for our sins, he opened the door for us all to enter the Kingdom of God – and we can be with God forever!

“To know why it’s so good, you have to understand the whole story of history of the world, starting with the Garden of Eden,” Vischer said.

An ongoing theme in the What’s in the Bible? series is God’s Great Rescue Plan – that from the time sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden, God had a plan to rescue all of us from sin. Vischer – along with Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady and their friends – trace God’s rescue plan through Noah, Joshua, Moses, David, and the kingdom of Israel in the first 9 volumes of What’s in the Bible?. Volume 10 introduces Jesus, the Messiah, and explains how he established the Kingdom of God on earth and invites us all to be a part of it.


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