Talking About the Holy Spirit: Book of Acts Video Series

How Do You Talk to Kids About the Holy Spirit?

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In Volume 11 of his series Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible?, VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer teaches kids and families about the Holy Spirit. Spreading the Good News! (The Book of Acts) introduces the Holy Spirit during a scene about Pentecost, but it’s not the first time families who have been watching Vischer’s What’s in the Bible? have met the Holy Spirit.

“The key is that the Holy Spirit shouldn’t come up for the first time when you get to the book of Acts,” Vischer said of the tricky topic of the Holy Spirit, which can be a challenge to explain to kids – and adults!

Phil Vischer explains the portrayal of the holy spirit to kids in his DVD on Acts.

In earlier What’s in the Bible? DVDs, he says, “The Holy Spirit shows up throughout the Old Testament, filling different people with power at different times.”

For example, in Israel Gets A King (1 & 2 Samuel), when the prophet Samuel anoints the boy David to be king, the Holy Spirit comes upon him. At that point, Vischer explains the concept of the trinity – how God is three-in-one, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

“We explain the trinity. You don’t wait until Pentecost to explain the concept of the trinity,” he said.

So long before families watching through What’s in the Bible? hear about the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, they know who he is and about the power of the spirit.

“They know that the Spirit of God comes upon different people at different times and fills them with power to do amazing things,” Vischer said. The difference between the Holy Spirit of the Old Testament, who came upon certain people at certain times, and the Holy Spirit of the New Testament is the that the Holy Spirit is available for everyone! So when families learn about Pentecost, they understand that the same Spirit that came on David when he was anointed king is also available to them when they follow Jesus.

If you would like to learn more about the holy spirit with your kids, check out Volume 11: Spreading the Good News

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Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible? is the 13-video series from VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer. In his first new project since VeggieTales, Vischer has set out to teach kids (and parents!) the story of the Bible – God’s great rescue plan! We know the stories of Moses, Noah, David, and Jesus, but in this groundbreaking new Bible series, we learn how they all fit together to tell one big, redemptive story. Vischer’s signature wit shines through with his all-new cast of characters, fast-paced flash animation, and catchy tunes. This is one journey through the Bible you won’t want to miss!

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