What is What’s in the Bible? VBS

You may have heard the news already, but What’s in the Bible? now has a VBS! The What’s In The Bible? VBS is a groundbreaking new format for Vacation Bible School – it’s VBS for the whole family!

What's in the Bible? VBS


This Bible-themed VBS will have your kids – and their parents! – excited about the Word of God and how it transforms the way we live our lives every day.

The What’s in the Bible? VBS is a one-of-kind shared family experience that will bring the families in your church closer together as they journey through the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation.

Kids will walk away from the week knowing the BIG story of the Bible – God’s Great Rescue Plan! – and what it means to live as a Christian. Kids will watch videos from What’s in the Bible? and then experience traditional VBS small groups with games, crafts and discussions.

Parents will walk away with a new understanding of the Bible, how to lead their families through the tricky parts of the Bible and a life of faith, and how to engage their family in God’s redemptive mission in the world. Parents will watch exclusive teaching videos from Phil Vischer written just for them, before engaging in small group discussions about the videos.

The What’s in the Bible? VBS comes with everything you need for 2 versions of VBS – a traditional VBS and a family VBS. The traditional VBS is a 4-day (with optional 5th) experience designed for elementary schoolers. The family VBS is a 4-night VBS designed for the whole family!

What is Family VBS?

Family VBS is a new format for VBS that involves the whole family. Kids and parents learn the main Bible lessons together before breaking into separate groups to engage deeper in the content.

Family VBS is completely flexible, too! It is written to be done in the evening so that parents can attend with their children. Your church could decide to do Family VBS 4 nights in one week – Monday through Thursday – or you could do it one night per week for a month. You can even do traditional morning VBS for the kids, and use the parent teaching sessions for a special month-long Sunday School class, or a one-day intensive parent training. Once you purchase the What’s in the Bible? VBS, you have access to everything you need for both traditional and family VBS – so make it work for your context!

What does the Parent/Adult Teaching cover?

The parents and adults who go through the What’s in the Bible? Family VBS get two different teaching sessions each night. First, families will sit together to watch the What’s in the Bible? video that inspires the kids’ small group rotations. Then, while kids do traditional VBS activities, parents watch a second video – a teaching video from Phil Vischer that expands on the main teaching to help parents have important conversations with their kids about faith, the Bible, Jesus and living out their faith everyday.

After watching the parent video, parents will participate in small group discussions about the concepts they’ve learned – with the goal of building parent relationships within the church and creating practical action steps for faith at home.

What is the theme of What’s in the Bible? VBS?

The What’s in the Bible? VBS has a Bible theme! Yes, we know that looks a little bit different than most VBSes, but we wanted the week to be about the whole Bible! So while you won’t find set decorations or costumes in our VBS, you will find incredible videos from What’s in the Bible?, activities that encourage kids to experience and process what they have learned, and high-quality take home extras that will encourage families to continue growing together spiritually. The take-home extras you can order include a prayer wristband, a family devotional journal, and a What’s in the Bible? music CD.

What is the VBS Scope and Sequence?

Day 1: What Is The Bible?

Families learn how the Bible was put together – what is it? Who wrote it? Why are there 66 books? Begin the journey through the world’s most important book by understanding the answers to these key questions!

Day 1 Adult Teaching: Understanding Narrative

Day 2: Why Do We Need the Old Testament?

The stories of the Old Testament are unlocked for families – and they learn how the stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham and the Israelites set the stage for the coming of Jesus – the Messiah!

Day 2 Adult Teaching: Understanding Genre

Day 3: Why Do We Need the New Testament?

Families learn about the life and mission of Jesus – the fulfillment of God’s Great Rescue Plan, and the unfolding of the Kingdom of God – and how we can all be a part of it.

Day 3 Adult Teaching: Understanding Sin and Judgment

Day 4: What Is A Christian?

What does it really mean to be a Christian? Learn about participating in God’s Kingdom, sanctification, the fruit of the spirit and more!

Day 4 Adult Teaching: Understanding the Gospel

{Optional} Day 5: Family Serving Project: Serve and Build the Kingdom

This optional Day 5 encourages families to put what they have learned into action! It is a service project day where families or small groups can serve together. Suggested projects include making sock kits for a local homeless shelter, and making no-sew blankets for a local hospital. This is another great opportunity to customize VBS by including service projects or organizations your church is already involved in!

How can I order the What’s in the Bible? VBS?

Click here to find out even more information about the VBS or if you’re ready to order the What’s In The Bible? VBS, you can do so here.


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