What’s in the Bible? Volume 8 Review

Hey friends, I can hardly wait for you to see the soon to be released newest edition of What’s in the Bible?, Volume 8: Words To Make Us Wise.  What a fun show!  This time Buck Denver and Phil Vischer take us through the next five books of the Old Testament, known as “The Writings”.  These books are are full of poetry, song and wisdom!  Just like the other volumes of What’s in the Bible?, we adults can sit alongside our kids and learn so much about these wonderful books of the Bible!

Words to Make Us Wise has two episodes which take us through Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.

You, together with your family or small group, will learn the clear messages found in each of these books.  In Job we learn to trust God’s wisdom all of the time, even the hard times.  Psalms, which is another name for “songs”.  It’s the book of the Bible that gives us words (or songs) which we can use to pray, sing, or praise God.

Proverbs was written to teach us how to make good choices, and the What’s in the Bible? team does a great job teaching the difference between being “smart” and being “wise”. Ecclesiastes can be a difficult book to get into, but once we do we see that it’s a great book used to discuss our search for meaning and happiness in a world that is filled with uncertainty; once again pointing us in the direction of trusting God, following His Commandments, and looking to Him for our happiness.

Now you’d think a children’s DVD series might skip over a tricky book like Song of Solomon, but not What’s in the Bible?! We learn that while, yeah, there is a lot of mushy love talk in this book, romantic love is not only a powerful emotion, but part of God’s plan! I guess that means it’s okay–and not too gross– when dad gives mom a big kiss when he gets home from work!!

Like all the other volumes of What’s in the Bible?, Volume 8; Words To Make Us Wise has wonderful songs, created for and performed by the lovable cast of characters, headed up by Buck Denver–newsman extraordinaire!

You’ll definitely want to get your copy of Volume 8, when it’s released on Tuesday, June 19.  You can purchase the DVD at the online store or wait and get your own digital copy to download next week!

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