What’s In The Bible? YouVersion Plans


We have partnered with YouVersion to bring you a series of family Bible reading plans that cover a variety of themes and feature videos from What’s In The Bible? episodes!

  • Heroes of the Old Testament – Discover the exciting stories found in the Old Testament and learn valuable lessons from the heroes of the Bible. Be encouraged in your own life as you see how God worked through them.
  • Comfort – For times when you need some extra encouragement, begin this reading plan that focuses on faithful people in the Bible. Find encouragement for your heart through reading about others who turned to the Lord when times were tough.
  • The Ten Commandments – Why did God give us the 10 Commandments and what do they mean for us today? Dive deeper into the 10 Commandments with Buck Denver & Friends.
  • Walk with Jesus: 21 Days through Matthew – In 3 weeks, you’ll follow the life of Jesus from the book of Matthew along with a short video and reflection.
  • Holy Week -This reading plan is perfect for your whole family to read during the week leading up to Easter Sunday! You can begin on Palm Sunday and walk through the last week before Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Thanksgiving Family Reading Plan -The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect opportunity for your family to reflect on God’s abundant blessings and express your thankfulness to Him and to the people around you.
  • Why Do We Call It Christmas? -Connect modern traditions with Jesus’ birth in this reading plan from: What’s in the Bible? Santa Claus? Christmas trees? What do these things have to do with Jesus? More than you think!



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