Your Voice: What Books Do You Read Aloud to Your Kids?

Mother Sitting With Son Reading Story IndoorsWe are beginning a new series on the blog called “Your Voice.” We will ask our Facebook audience a question about faith, parenting, or culture and choose replies to feature on our blog. We are looking forward to hearing from YOU about your family and the choices you make!

We posed this question recently on our Facebook page:

Do you read aloud to your kids regularly? What books do you recommend?

Here are some thoughtful replies (please feel free to leave your own thoughts as a comment on this blog post):

I’ve been reading the Little House on the Prairie series to my kids. I think it’s important for them to see how hard our ancestors worked to make our country what it is today, and that they have it very easy in comparison! – Tammy W.

I’m reading Princess and the Goblin with my 7-year-old right now, although we’ve also enjoyed Paddington and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and have The Last of the Great Whangdoodles up next. I’ve read the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series, Wet Pet series, Cranberryport series, Harry the Dirty Dog, Clifford books, Curious George, and more with my 3-year-old. We have tons of books from the library constantly! – Amanda M.

Any of the Llama Llama books are great for new readers! – Joy W.

My husband just finished the entire Narnia series to my 8 and 6-year-old. We love reading! – Becky F.

I love kids books by Diane DeGroat. The stories are fun and relatable and her illustrations are great. – Amanda S.

I read a mix of different stories. I am a pre-school teacher so I have many many books in my home for kids and for me. I read books about manners, sharing, being friends, rhyming books, too many to put on here. Most importantly, I read Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. – Mercedes G.

Any classic children’s books about the great heroes of America….my kids loved reading about Nathan Hale, William Bradford, Sacajawea, Francis Marion, and currently Nathaniel Bowditch. – Robin B.

God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren! My daughter is three and she loves it. We also have the Read-Aloud Bible Stories 4-pack by Ella K. Lindvall. They are perfect for little ones! – TJ F.

Here’s a Penny, Boxcar Children, Treasury for Children by James Herriot, and of course the Bible. OH…and they loved Dr. Doolittle, the book, not the movie. – Rick O.

We’re going all the way through the Bible (just started Psalms). Also Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga. – Steve C.

The Chronicles of Narnia series. We read two or three chapters of the Bible most nights at bedtime – I have enjoyed this greatly. I use My Father’s World home school curriculum and I love the read-a-louds they provide. You can get the titles from their website: Don’t be afraid to read to them from a book a little above or a little below their reading level. Sit back and enjoy a good book with your kids today! – Tammy M.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We loved reading your responses.

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