5 Ways to Use What’s in the Bible? as a Family

Looking for fun ways to share What’s in the Bible as a family? Here are a few ideas! Have some of your own? Post them in the “comments” section for everyone to see.

1. Family Night
Gather the whole gang together, order pizza (or make your own!) and spend the evening laughing and learning with Buck Denver and friends!
2. Car Trip Sing-Along
If you didn’t get the bonus CD, you can download the whole DVD 1&2 album for just $9.99 here. Play it in the car and sing along with the whole family!
3. Quiz Bowl
Want to test your kids’ knowledge of the Bible after they watch? Click here for a quiz that you can use. (The correct answers are in bold!)
4. Play Date Entertainment
Share the DVDs with friends who know God and even friends who don’t! Use play dates as a time to share entertaining DVDs, but also the truth about God’s love for us.
5. Bible Study
Use the DVDs as a starting point to study God’s word as a family! After you watch “In the Beginning,” read relevant portions of Genesis together. Click here for a Bible reference guide for DVD 1: “In the Beginning.”
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