Announcing the What’s in the Bible Curriculum!

So many of you have asked, and we’re so excited to finally be able to announce the What’s in the Bible curriculum is in development!

We’re partnering with the lovely ladies from Lemon Lime Kids, Amy Dolan and Lori Bethran, to develop a curriculum that will be great for church elementary programs. Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, special events, whatever you need!

Each DVD will feature a corresponding 4 weeks of curriculum. We will start by launching (tentatively) the curriculum package for DVD 1 in June 2010.

The curriculum will feature several key distinctives:

1. Excellent Quality: Creativity, Storytelling, and Biblically Sound

2. Customizable: Options for children’s leaders to customize the lessons for their specific church context: size, location, denomination, and theology

3. Innovative Technology: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch apps, and At-Home Web applications, just to name a few!

4. Easy to Use: Several format options will provide every church with the ability to use the curriculum, regardless of technology available

5. Distinct Teaching about the Bible: Content including Bible history and stories from all the books of the Bible!

We’re excited that this curriculum will encourage Biblical literacy in a new generation of Christians, and will provide a great format for children’s ministry leaders to implement.

Have ideas? Concerns? Thoughts? We’d love to hear them!

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