A Beta Test Review of What’s in the Bible? Church Edition


Hi! I’m Deborah, the Children’s Director at First United Methodist Church of Port St. Joe, FL and we had a lot of fun trying out the new What’s in the Bible? Church Curriculum. I really think that the What’s in the Bible? team is putting together something that may change the face of Children’s Ministry.  It morphs technology and old school puppetry in a way that I have never seen before.  It also took difficult material and made it easy for kids to understand and grasp.   As an adult, I found the videos tremendously funny and watched as the kids laughed and laughed.  Some of them are still asking me if we can watch the Sunday School Lady sing the “I’ve got a book” song.  Meanwhile, they are still asking me questions about the first video we watched.  During the viewing, a few of them were saying, “really??”   This makes me think they were actually listening and maybe even absorbing this information!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

If you are considering using the What’s in the Bible? curriculum, my suggestion would be to tweak the games so they work just right for your group.  For instance, I had a volunteer lead the Clive & Ian game for Lesson 1.  She had the boys lined up on one side & the girls lined up on the other.  The two kids in the front answered the questions.   After they answered (right or wrong), they moved to the back of the line and the next one took their turn.  And the boys won, by the way.  I guess they were paying more attention!

Overall, this curriculum is awesome and I am so glad I got to test it out!  Hope you have as much fun as my group did!

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