Curriculum Launch Week Online Directory

One of our curriculum directors, Amy Dolan of Lemon Lime Kids, posted this helpful online directory for all of the things happening around the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition launch this week. Check it out and have fun!

In celebration of the what’s in the bible? curriculum release, we’ve organized a whole bunch of super fun online activities! i’ll use this post as a directory for those activities, continually updating throughout the week. be sure to visit the sites for curriculum discounts, character videos, and photo opportunities:

Look Mother! I’ve Taken Over Henry’s Blog

Cory Center for Children’s Ministry: Buck Denver Photo Op

Saved Sister: Buck Denver Photos AND Wendy’s CMConnect Post

Wayne Stocks DVD 1 Review AND Buck Denver Photos

Deborah Loyless’ Curriculum Review

CMConnect Live Chat Thursday w/ Phil Vischer

Buck Denver’s Profile Page on CMConnect

@whatsinthebible on Twitter AND What’s in the Bible? Facebook Group

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