A Mom’s Review of Why Do We Call It Christmas?

Ok folks! It’s time to take out the Snuggies, light a fire, pop some corn and make a batch of hot cocoa…it’s Christmastime in October!! Buck Denver and his pals are starring in a brand new Christmas DVD!– Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call It Christmas? — and you’re going to love it!

While most Christmas shows are entertaining, only Phil and his friends can pull off being  “edutaining”.  Ok, I know that’s not a real word– so don’t try it on Words With Friends– but I can’t think of a better word to describe this incredibly entertaining and super educational Christmas show.  Phil Vischer explains it beautifully during his intro to the show when he says, “We all know the Christmas Story, but do we really know the story of Christmas?”     

As the show begins, we find Buck Denver feeling a little confused about why there are so many holiday traditions tied into celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Why do we drag trees into our homes and decorate them? Where did the tradition of hanging stockings by the fire come from? Why is Santa Claus even a part of Jesus’ birthday, anyway?  With the help of Sunday School Lady and Marcie, Buck sends out invites to all of his friends, hoping they can make it to his cabin in Indiana for a Christmas party.  Along the way, we see that it’s not only Buck who’s a little confused about where all the different Christmas traditions have come from.

You and your kids will truly appreciate how lovingly accurate each of these sometimes tricky questions are handled.  As you’ve come to expect from What’s in the Bible?, this show is witty, heart-warming and just plain fun to watch! And of course, the kids will get a beautiful lesson about the birth of Jesus–the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas! Look for some great new songs mingled together with some of your traditional holiday favorites.

I personally appreciated that kids with sensory integration issues won’t find this DVD overly stimulating, like some popular shows on TV. The songs aren’t obnoxiously loud with a lot of percussion and the movement of the characters is well regulated and not jerky or rapid.  The colors are bright and the story will hold their attention.  For the kiddos who love facts, this DVD is a goldmine!

If your family’s like mine, you probably already have a nice-sized Christmas movie library.  You’ll definitely want to add this DVD to your collection! It’s one that can be enjoyed by the whole family throughout the season!

Why Do We Call It Christmas? will be available in our online store or in your local Christian bookstore on October 18.

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