Stories of Faith

Last week, while at the Group KidMin Conference in Chicago, I heard story-after-story about the impact What’s in the Bible? is having on children in the church. One specific story stuck with me throughout the entire weekend. A children’s leader told me that for a 10 year-old-girl in her church, What’s in the Bible? was key in choosing a life of faith. After watching the episodes at home, the girl found her father and asked him to tell her about salvation. Watching What’s in the Bible? had sparked something inside of her, encouraging her to ask questions and connect deeply with God. As a result, the child prayed for faith with her father that evening.

The story touched my heart possibly because my story of faith is similar. I was a freshman in high school, having attended church most of my life though not aware that faith required a personal, daily, communal faith with God. After reading something that sparked a few questions for me, I went to my dad and asked him to tell me more about faith, salvation, and choosing to obey God. He answered all of my questions, and then we prayed together asking God to guide me and love me all of my life. It was a special moment I’ll remember for all of my life.

We never know how God will work in a child’s life. Possibly an animated DVD series, or a church service, or even a conversation with a parent will lead children into a life of faith. This week, as you are preparing for your Sunday morning children’s ministry, consider praying for each child individually. Pray that God will continue to shape the children, strengthen them as they make choices of faith, and inspire them to draw closer to Him. And, as you hear stories of children’s faith, pass them on! Share their stories with other children, your church community, and your neighborhood. A child’s faith is inspirational to all!

Share your story here! We’d love to hear how the children in your church are being inspired to live lives of faith. Leave a comment describing a child you know who has recently made a choice for faith. May the stories bless all of our spirits.

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Amy Dolan leads curriculum development for What’s in the Bible? and runs Lemon Lime Kids. Follow her on twitter @adolan.

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