1 Chronicles 16:27 – Verse of the Day 7/6/13

This chapter of Chronicles employs elements from a number of Psalms (Psalms 96, 105, and 106) in order to reflect upon the spiritual consequences of the entry of the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. The author of the Chronicles highlights a number of important themes from the past in order to make them relevant to his own present readership: the people of Israel who had returned from exile to the Promised Land. His three major themes included praise, promise and protection, and his primary point is that just as the people of Israel had rejoiced in the past when they considered God’s mighty acts, so should they (and we!) in the present.

As Christians, we worship a faithful and mighty God. As you consider God’s faithfulness in protecting His people in the Bible, allow that to inspire you to consider His faithfulness to you as well. As you consider his splendor and majesty, allow Him to strengthen you and give you joy. As you remember God’s faithfulness in the past, allow that to make you confident in His promises for the present and future.

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