1 John 1:9 – Verse of the Day 3/8/14

1 John 1:9 Verse of the Day

In his first epistle, John calls us to live holy lives as a result of the work of God in us. The letter is filled with strong statements about the necessity of holy living, and he even offers our own holiness as an assurance of the work of God in our lives. However, these invitations to personal holiness are balanced by the reminder that we never cease to sin in this life (verse 8), and that God’s forgiveness is readily available to those who genuinely repent.

Spend some time in prayer confessing your sins to God. Remember Jesus’s work of salvation for you on the cross, and express your sorrow for the ways in which you have disobeyed God and failed to follow His commands. As you pray, remember that God promises to forgive all your sins and to count Jesus’ perfect righteousness as your own. Praise God for what He has done for you!

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