1 John 3:17 – Verse of the Day 6/4/14

1 John 3:17 Verse of the Day

One of the first words that most children, especially those with older brothers and sisters, learn is “Mine!” We want to protect what is ours and to make sure that we get our share. Have you ever thought about who taught us to be selfish? The reality is that we are all born with sinful desires, and those desires become clear at a very early age.

John responds to these sinful desires in this verse by teaching us that anyone who has experienced the love of God and His forgiveness will begin to experience a change of heart. While we will still struggle with sin, if we have really experienced the generous love of God we will begin to long to share that love with others.

As you pray, allow this verse to convict your heart. The reality is that we very often do not love others as God has loved us. Ask God to forgive you for your lack of love and to help you to understand the extent of his love for us. As you consider the love of God, pictured most clearly in Jesus’ sacrificial death in our place, ask God to help you see specific ways that you might love others and share with them the many things that God has given you.

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