1 Peter 1:23 – Verse of the Day 6/3/14

1 Peter 1:23 Verse of the Day

Have you ever visited the ruins of an old castle or ancient building? It is amazing to think of how they were built so long ago before the invention of modern machines. How did they move rocks so big?  Where did they come from? And how did such big and impressive buildings break down and fall apart? Even the strongest building can’t last forever.

While it’s true that nothing we can build will last forever, Peter tells us that the work of salvation that God does in us is an eternal one that will never perish. Peter emphasized the eternal work of God in us in order to encourage us to love God and one another. For Peter God is changing us eternally, and this eternal change should lead us to respond to God and transform the way that we relate to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Peter knew that if we are going to live together eternally we had better figure out how to love one another.

As you spend time in prayer, pray that God would grow your faith and also your heart for your fellow believers. Pray with confidence knowing that God has given us a new birth that will not perish.

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