1 John 4:21 – Verse of the Day 6/10/14

1 John 4:21 Verse of the Day

Usually our closest relationships are our most rewarding ones but also our most difficult ones. The people who know us the best often love us the best, but when they let us down in also hurts the most. Have you ever been let down by someone very close to you? How did you respond?

While those closest to us may be the hardest to love, this verse shows us that our love for our brother is a picture of our love for God. Those who love God must also love their brothers and sisters. This can be especially difficult with our literal brothers and sisters, but also our brothers and sisters in the church, which is what John is talking about in this verse.

So do you love your brothers and sisters? What would it look like to really love them? As you pray, consider the love God has demonstrated for us in the life and sacrifice of Jesus. As you consider God’s love your us, pray that your heart for others would be the same as His, and that you would love others as God has loved us.

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