Psalm 31:16 – Verse of the Day 6/9/14

Psalm 31:16 Verse of the Day

What is the basis of your relationship with God? In other words, how does the Bible teach us that we get to know God and enter into a relationship with Him?

If those are easy questions for you, then this verse should give you more confidence in your answers. If they are hard questions, then Psalm 31 should point you in the right direction. The psalm begins with David crying out to God for deliverance from his enemies and refuge from his troubles. After crying out, David then speaks of his trust that God will hear him. This verse communicates that trust. David knows that God will hear him because of his steadfast love. His relationship with God depends on God’s constant and unchanging love and not on anything that David brings to the table. Therefore David trusts Him and relies on his relationship with Him in the middle of difficult circumstances.

God’s love is unchanging and unfailing. As you pray, thank the Lord that our relationship with Him depends not on our own strength but on His unchanging character. Ask Him to help you to believe firmly in His love, and to prepare you for hard times when you are tempted to forget it.

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