1 John 5:14 Verse of the Day 11/10/13

John 5:14 Verse of the Day

This verse highlights the theme of confidence in one’s salvation that runs throughout John’s letter (especially 2:1 and 5:13). For John, not only can we be confident in our salvation, but here he makes it clear that we can be confident that God hears our prayers as well. His confidence is so strong that in the following verse he says that not only will we receive what we ask for according to God’s will, but we already have it!

God knows our needs before we even know them ourselves. Spend some time in prayer thanking God for his love and provision for you. Ask God to help conform your will to his own; ask him to make his desires your desires. As you pray, consider whether your requests are more for your own benefit or for the benefit of God’s Kingdom. Most of all, thank the Lord that He hears our prayers, and that He promises to answer them.

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