James 4:7 Verse of the Day 11/11/13

James 4:7 Verse of the Day

In James 3:13-4:7, James contrasts the ‘wisdom’ that comes from the world with the true wisdom that comes from God. Here he employs the Old Testament language of worship (“Submit yourselves…Resist…” and in the following verse “Come near…Wash…and purify”) in order to characterize the source of true wisdom. Wisdom comes from God, and so does the forgiveness that is the source of true wisdom.

As you pray, thank the Lord that He has provided the means for your forgiveness through Jesus’ sacrifice on your behalf. Pray that you would be wise to rest in this forgiveness and wise to seek knowledge and understanding from the God who provided it rather than the world that tempts us to rebel against Him. Ask the Lord to help you to resist temptation and pursue the wisdom that comes from the one living and true God.

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