1 John 5:4 – Verse of the Day 4/18/14

1 John 5:4 Verse of the Day

Is it possible to be a Christian and for it not to make a difference in how you live your life? Have you ever thought about how your life is different because you are a Christian?

In the letter from which this verse is taken, John talks about the practical consequences of the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. He says that if we truly believe that Jesus was who He claimed to be then our lives must be transformed by our desire to follow Him. In another place in the letter, John offers a similar challenge but he also offers some words of comfort. He challenges us to follow Christ by obeying Him, but at the same time he comforts us by reminding us that it is God Himself who enables us to do this.

As you pray, thank God for the victory over death that is ours in Christ. Ask the Lord to help you to see areas of your life that need repentance. Thank Him that your salvation depends not on your obedience but on His mercy, and pray that you would respond to that mercy with a life of grateful obedience.


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