John 1:5 – Verse of the Day 4/17/14

John 1:5 Verse of the Day

Life in this world is full of ups and downs, full of good things, but also full of hard things and disappointment. Can you think of something difficult that you have experienced recently in your own life? These difficulties can often lead us to doubt that God is good or that He is even there. What does the Bible have to say about how we should respond to such dark times? 

This verse is part of the opening of John’s Gospel. In those verses we see that Jesus is the Word made flesh, the light shining in the darkness. This contrast between light and darkness represents both the struggle between truth and falsehood and belief and unbelief. The biblical story teaches us that falsehood will not ultimately overcome the truth, and unbelief will not ultimately overcome true faith.

In every day life there are many things and events that cause us to struggle in our faith. As you pray, thank the Lord for his promise that the truth will ultimately prevail and our faith will not be overcome by unbelief. Ask the Lord to help you believe and persevere in your faith, and thank Him that Jesus has defeated the darkness and made us a part of his victory through faith.

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