1 Peter 1:15-16 – Verse of the Day 9/6/13

1 Peter 1:15-16 - Verse of the Day

Having explained the nature of salvation in the first half of the opening chapter, in these verses Peter begins to explain the implications of salvation, a discussion that continues in chapters 2-3.  Verses 15-16 form the heart of the first portion of this discussion, where Peter focuses on personal holiness as the ground of Christian growth.  God has given us so much by grace through Jesus (verse 13), and therefore he calls us to respond with gratitude expressed in right living and modeled on the character of God.

God has not only saved us from our sin, but He has also saved us for a purpose.  Pray that you would not take the gift of forgiveness lightly, but rather would be constantly mindful of the extravagance of God’s love and mercy for us.  Ask the Lord for a heart that desires to grow in holiness and a life that reflects God’s character to others.

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