Psalm 34:5 – Verse of the Day 9/7/13

Psalm 34:5 - Verse of the Day

Psalm 34 is a song of thanksgiving to the Lord for his faithfulness in answering prayer.  One of the psalm’s primary themes relates to wisdom, and the psalmist characterizes true wisdom as a disposition of trust in God’s provision and a heart that longs for His presence through prayer.  Those who frequently look to God are so changed that even their physical appearance radiates the joy of the Lord!

Spend some time in prayer thanking for His promise to be with us and to hear us.  Consider some of the times in life where you are tempted to feel ashamed of your faith or your biblical beliefs.  Pray that the Lord would make you bold in these areas, and that He would give you a heart that longs for the wisdom of God rather than the wisdom of the world.  Praise and thank God for revealing the truth to you through His word.

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