1 Peter 1:23 – Verse of the Day 6/22/13

The first half of Peter’s epistle unpacks the implications of salvation. Having expressed the need for personal holiness (1:13-16) and reverence (1:17-21), in 1:22-2:3 he describes the love shared among Christians before moving on to discuss Christians as a “temple” and “priesthood” (2:4-10) and a variety of other relationships (2:11-3:12). It is interesting to observe how Peter moves from personal piety to corporate responsibility. As the living word of God works in us it creates change. Those who are born again may be confident in their status because they are of an imperishable seed.

The Christian life is consistently described in the Bible as one of individual piety and corporate responsibility. We are members of Christ with one another. As you spend time in prayer, pray that God would grow your faith and also your heart for your fellow believers. Pray with confidence knowing that God has given us a new birth that will not perish.

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