1 Peter 1:3 Verse of the Day 11/25/13

1 Peter 1:3 Verse of the Day

After the initial salutation, this is the first verse of 1 Peter, a letter written to the Jewish Christians dispersed throughout the Mediterranean world who were struggling against false teachers and persecution. In spite of those dire circumstances, Peter begins his letter by recounting the blessings of God and the living hope possessed through the resurrection of Jesus. His purpose was to remind his readers that the glory of their true status before God was hidden by their present circumstances, but it was nonetheless real and true.

Although we often feel burdened and worn down, the reality is that we are already living an eternal life in fellowship with our heavenly Father. Jesus defeated death in order that we might never die and never fear. Pray that the Lord would help you to appreciate these realities in spite of your present circumstances, and ask the Lord to give you hope as you meditate upon the great truth of God’s victory in Christ.

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