Psalm 80:7 Verse of the Day 11/24/2013

Psalm 80:7 Verse of the Day

Psalm 80 is a song of lament for the sins of Israel. The psalmist pleads with God to forgive His people and return His blessing to them. Given the references to the northern tribes of Israel in the first two verses, it was most likely written in the days leading up to destruction of the northern kingdom, and the emotions evoked by such a setting are easily discernible as the psalm unfolds. This verse represents a plea to God that He would restore and save His people from their calamitous circumstances.

Like Israel, we too often sin against our loving God and deserve His judgment. Pray with the Psalmist that God would restore you as He has promised, and that He would not only forgive your sin but that He would continually shape you ever more into His image. Pray that the gift of eternal life would give you a desire to serve Him that leads you

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