1 Thessalonians 2:8 – Verse of the Day 6/29/14

1 Thessalonians 2:8 Verse of the Day

Some things can be fun to share, but other things we would rather keep for ourselves. Can you think of anything that you really don’t like sharing?

In this verse, Paul explains that his readers were so dear to him that he not only wanted to share the Gospel with them, but his life as well. He wanted to share everything with them, including himself. Just as Jesus gave his own life up on the cross, Paul wanted to follow his example, and this passage calls us to do the same thing in our own lives.

Spend some time in prayer thanking God for the generous self-sacrifice of Jesus who gave up his very life for our salvation. Ask the Lord to show you areas of your life where you are selfish or unwilling to share yourself with others. Pray that the Lord would help you to live your life as a gift to others rather than living for yourself, and ask Him to show you specific ways that you can do this. Pray for opportunities to care for others in the way that God cares for you.

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