Ephesians 2:19 – Verse of the Day 6/28/14

Ephesians 2:19 Verse of the Day

If you have ever moved to a new place, you know it can be a lot of work to adjust to a new life. Even if you have never moved, you probably know people who have and can imagine how it was not easy for them to get used to a new place, new people, and new customs. Imagine moving to another country, especially one very different from your own, and how long it would take for you to become enough like the people there that they think of you as a citizen of their country and not as a foreigner.

In this verse, Paul reminds us that our sin made us foreign to God and to his people, but that our faith instantly removes all the barriers that used to separate us. We might not all speak the same language, we might have different customs and habits, but we are instantly members of God’s household. We are full citizens. We are not foreign. We belong!

Spend some time thanking God for making you part of His family. Ask the Lord to help you see how you can make others feel welcome, especially those who are different from you. Thank God for the way the Gospel of forgiveness breaks down the barriers that separate us from one another.

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