2 Chronicles 7:14 – Verse of the Day 5/5/13

God made this promise to Solomon at the time of the dedication of the Temple, and it was closely tied to the promise that a “son of David” would always sit on Israel’s throne. In the Old Testament, the promise of an earthly land was conditioned upon the faithfulness of the people of Israel. Under the new covenant, the promise of a Davidic King is fulfilled in Christ, the one who satisfied the covenantal terms that Israel failed to uphold. Therefore, the promises of the new covenant are received by faith in Jesus and involve spiritual healing and a heavenly land.

Although we are always tempted to seek earthly blessing, the promises of the Bible consistently point us instead to our eternal inheritance. God’s promises are so much better than our meager expectations! As you pray, ask God to help you reorient your desires for earthly treasure to the gift of a heavenly inheritance.

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